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We offer a diverse range of fascinating and innovative English language courses. Take a look at the list of courses and find the right one! We also design courses to fit your needs, you can start on any Monday

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Sheffield Language Centre is an international English Language Centre that offers a great choice of high-quality English programs for international students in the UK. Our mission is to enhance learning to help students achieve valuable results at every step of their career. Our centre continuously works on improving new practical English learning methods to teach international, non-native English beginners and advanced learners who want to hone their English skills. We help learners discover the love of learning that will provide opportunities throughout their lives. Our style of teaching is unique, interesting, engaging and professional. Our highly-qualified staff focuses on an individual’s involvement through daily life learning materials, practical and interactive activities.

What we offer

Delivered by highly experienced staff, our courses will improve your English skills to a great extent. We assure your success in developing your English and open the gate for a promising career. Sheffield Language Centre offers a wide range of English Language courses, including:

General English for Beginners

Intermediate English


IELTS Intensive

Business English

One To one English

We can design courses for companies and organizations

Investing in Knowledge

The flexibility of our unique learning system, coupled with conversation classes, multimedia resources and organized social activities, adds to the overall outcome of our recognized learning system. It's a winning combination that is hard for competitors to match.

Our ability to prepare students with English language for the future is an ultimate measure of our success.

Our objective is to equip students with the practical language skills to take full control of their lives.

Our team work on mutual support and can generate a sense of belonging and commitment.

Secure Your Future

To leave no student behind, we have highly qualified teachers whose teaching efforts harvest high rates for the student. Our highly skilled team has a sense of duty and compassion towards our precious future generation.

We make sure every student gets enough attention

We teach in a friendly environment

We make learning easy and fun

We give you confidence to face the world, especially when English is not your first language.

Where learning begins with?

We offer mature study environment. We do not believe in old traditional teaching methods where students are taught rote memorization and told to absorb it for arbitrary tests without being trained how to absorb the material effectively. Our way of teaching is natural and encourages intellectual flexibility and help students clarify value positions and levels of argument by using free-flowing conversation style. Unlike traditional classroom teaching, we help students overcome the fear of wrong pronunciations, spellings, speaking out and encourage them to participate.

We Make Learning Easy

We know English language poses complex challenges for beginners but, we make your journey of learning easy and enjoyable with interactive activities. We have a pleasant and friendly learning environment where we offer courses to suit everyone’s need from basic level to advanced, including but not limited to, English Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, IELTS and Business English. Students learn Grammar, Conversation, sentence structuring through Audio-Visual sections for better understanding and improving pronunciation.

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